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Why is Altrain’s Legal Assistant/Paralegal Program the Best Paralegal Program in Arizona?

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Altrain Medical and Dental Assisting Academy’s Paralegal Program is the first of it’s kind!  It is a five-month hands-on training program that has no prerequisites other than a basic entrance exam. Altrain’s Paralegal Instructors have over 40 years of combined experience in all areas of the law.

Altrain students are not book taught! The Legal Assistant Program focuses on the skills that are actually needed to perform the job duties of a Paralegal. The program also prepares students to take and pass the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) Certified Paralegal Exam and become a Certified Paralegal. The NALA Certified Paralegal Exam fees along with all books, software training, materials and graduation gowns are included in the tuition. Additionally, the tuition includes the application, bond and stamp package fees to become a Notary Public in Arizona.  Students have no additional educational expenses.

Altrain Medical and Dental Assisting Academy has partnered with Legal Docs, LLC, which is an Arizona Legal Document Preparer Service.  This will allow students to obtain real life hands-on experience for actual clients. No other program allows real life practice or trains on multiple legal software programs. Outlined below is all the hands-on experience that students will obtain from each section of the curriculum.

Introduction to the Legal System and Paralegalism:

  • Legal Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Billing and Time Tracking in a Time Keeping System
  • Researching Arizona Revised Statues
  • Navigating LexisNexis
  • Scheduling Appointments and Ticklers in a Practice Management Software

Business Law and Contracts:

  • Drafting Limited Liability Company Documents
  • Drafting Corporation Documents including Stock Certificates
  • Preparing Corporate Meeting Minutes and Annual Reports
  • Filing Articles of Organization or Incorporation, Annual Reports and Reserving Entity Names with the Arizona Corporation Commission
  • Filing Partnership Documents with the Arizona Secretary of State
  • Obtaining Employer Identification Numbers through the IRS
  • Creating Client Business Document Portfolios

Estate Planning:

  • Drafting Estate Planning Documents including Wills, Trust and Advanced Directives both Manually and Using a Document Drafting Software Program
  • Drafting Transfer Documents and Articles of Amendment
  • Preparing Dees to Convey Real Property
  • Recording Deeds with the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office
  • Preparing for and Attending Signing Meetings
  • Notarizing Documents
  • Creating Client Estate Planning Portfolios

Trust Administration and Probate Litigation:

  • Drafting Trust Revocation Documents
  • Drafting Initial Probate Documents manually and with Probate Document Software
  • Filing Formal or Informal Probate Documents with the Superior Court of Arizona
  • Publishing Notices in a Local Newspaper
  • Notifying all Known Parties
  • Notifying all Known Creditors
  • Notarizing Documents

Family Law:

  • Drafting Summons, Petitions, Responses, Notices, Affidavits and Orders for Divorce Proceedings
  • Drafting Parenting Plans
  • Collecting Asset and Debt Information
  • Completing Child Support Worksheets
  • Filing Documents with the Superior Court of Arizona
  • Notarizing Documents

Litigation and Rules of Civil Procedure:

  • Drafting Summons, Complaints, Motions, Briefs, and Pleadings
  • Performing Calendaring and Docketing Tasks
  • Preparing Trial, Exhibit, Deposition, and Medical Records Binders
  • Performing LexisNexis Research
  • Notarizing Documents

Applied Legal Experience:

  • Students will Perform Paralegal Duties as Assigned by Legal Docs, LLC including: sending client emails, scheduling appointments, drafting documents, recording deeds, filing documents with the court or state and county agencies, publishing notices, preparing portfolios, preparing for and attending signing meetings.

The hands-on training and real-life experience allows Altrain Medical and Dental Assisting Academy the ability to train Legal Assistants/Paralegals in a way that has never been done before.  When students complete the program, they are job ready and able to be contributing members to any law firm as early as day one.  Graduates are qualified to work in any law firm as a Legal Assistant or Paralegal including the following specialties: Estate Planning, Probate, Family Law, Civil Litigation and Criminal law.

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