Arizona does not have any education or certification requirements to work as a Paralegal.  Traditionally, Paralegal Education options include attending a two-year Paralegal Program through a trade school or community college or attending a 6-month Certificate Program after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

However, Altrain Medical and Dental Assisting Academy has created another option!  Altrain is now offering a 5-month Legal Assistant / Paralegal Program that awards a Certificate of Completion in Legal Assisting.  The program does not have any prerequisites other than a basic entrance exam. (Note: The terms “legal assistant” and “paralegal” are used interchangeably, much like the terms attorney and lawyer.)

This 5-month hands-on Legal Assistant Program includes the following courses: Introduction to the Legal System and Paralegalism, Business Law and Contracts, Estate Planning, Trust Administration and Probate Litigation, Family Law, Litigation and Rules of Procedure, Criminal Law, Job Placement Presentation and Applied Legal Experience.

The program also includes preparation for the National Association Legal Assisting (NALA) Paralegal Association Certified Paralegal exam and Job Placement Assistance. Additionally, Altrain’s program trains on multiple computer programs including document drafting software, practice management software, timekeeping software and LexisNexis.  After completion of the program graduates are qualified to work in any law firm as a Legal Assistant or Paralegal.

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